Producent przemysłowego pelletu drzewnego DIN Plus - FABICH
green earth

The PPUH W.G. Fabich Company is an experienced manufacturer of high quality biomass, supplying its products for individual customers as well as for power plants. The offer includes:

- Fabich First Class wood pellet, produced from barked pine wood which is a raw material, 100% FSC compliant, available in 15 kg pellet bags, big bags, and as loose material.
- Standard Class pellet meeting the DIN GEPRUFT standard
- Forest chips
- Energy chips
- Defibraton chips
- Paper chips

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PPUH W.G Fabich has been present on the biomass market for 30 years. With its passion and determination it continues to develop technologically, expanding its product portfolio and being a reliable and trustworthy partner in business. The Company's dynamic development ranks PPUH W.G.Fabich among biomass industry leaders.


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